Take your friends into the blood-soaked world of your own imaginations!

Mighty warrior-heroes face mortal peril in a land of sword-fighting, strange cultures, monsters and magic.  On Mighty Thews lets you and your friends tell bizzarre and bloody tales of swords and sorcery in a world of your own creation. Perfect for a casual and quick game, you can be playing within minutes of opening the book.

On Mighty Thews is a pulp fantasy roleplaying game that’s fast and easy to play.

Adventure Awaits!

On Mighty Thews is a $5.00 pdf-format roleplaying game. Buy it here: On Mighty Thews at the Un-Store

More about On Mighty Thews

In On Mighty Thews you play pulp heroes – powerful masters of your own destiny, making your way in a perilous world. You face danger and death, and survive by the use of your wits, a sharp sword, and steely thews.

The world of On Mighty Thews is created by the players. You collaborate to create a map where your characters’ internal conflicts are reflected in the wider world. Playing a wandering barbarian, you can create cultures and locations that reflect the struggle between civilisation and savagery. Playing a doomed hero, you can create kingdoms and cities that reflect the conflict between fate and free will. Your characters become central to the world they live in: they are eternal outsiders, caught between warring factions both internally, and in the world around them.

In On Mighty Thews, the players contribute to the ongoing narrative of play. Facing danger, success can allow you to determine facts about the world around you, related to your success. What did you spot, creeping through the savannah grass? What does the captive warrior reveal about the plans of her master? These questions could be up to you, the player, to answer. While one player, the Game Master, is responsible for tying the story together into scenes, and determining the consequences when your character fails, all the players have a hand in shaping the story.

On Mighty Thews can be played to a satisfying conclusion inside two hours, and works best with a small group of two or three people. The stories you tell will be weird and bloody, and a shared appreciation for the sword and sorcery genre is an advantage, though the book has resources to help you get on the same page. No additional preparation or planning is required before you start play.

For more information about how the game works, check out these play aids, which are a summary of the rules of the game.